Miracle of Love – Steve Ryan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully bittersweet about Steve Ryan‘s latest single. Despite a title that suggests loves best aspects, the song explores its often double-edged nature, of longing and relationships and how the path through them doesn’t always run smoothly. That strange attraction that brings out the best and the worst in a person, that drug-like addiction that means we can’t give a person up even though the low points of the relationship are as destructive and negative as the highs are euphoric and addictive.

And this musical message is put to some sweet, soulful pop. Musically chiming, sonically charming, it belies the confliction found in the lyrics. But that is the human condition, and Miracle of Love shows the contradictions and confusion of life played out in song.

It’s great to find a pop song being so honest. All too often the genre is full of heightened platitudes and Disney style romance. Here we find, lyrically at least, an honest, conflicted and mature piece which combines the sweet with the sour, the good with the bad, and does so brilliantly.

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