Mimzicorn Invents A Time Machine – The Pocket Gods (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

There’s a lot to get through on this 21 track double retrospective album.

The band have skirted with fame on several occasions, being picked up notably by both John Peel and Tom Robinson. I have to admit that they have snook under my radar until receiving this to review. The familiarity though, makes me think I’ve heard them somewhere before.

There are indie, psychedelia, funk, post punk, blues and power pop songs that will delight any followers of those genres as well as being accessible to even wider audiences.

There is a lot of playfulness in here as well as considerable darkness. It is emotionally stretched and shows that mental health issues can sometimes assist in the production of breathtaking art without being unnecessarily inaccessible.

My favourite track is ‘Searching For The Divine’. It’s one of those tracks that doesn’t show off, doesn’t really have an obvious hook, isn’t particularly different, new or ambitious but it just has one of those rolling grooves that you wish would never end. I’m a sucker for that.

There is a timelessness in here that hints at every decade from the sixties to the present day. I’m guessing these guys have impressive record collections.If you’ve heard of this band but not bought into them yet, this is definitely as good as any place to start.

Personally, I’ll definitely be checking out their back catalog.

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