Now, for those of you out there who believe that getting noticed is all about hitting hard, cranking up the volume, and unleashing a sonic bombshell, I’ve got something you need to hear – it’s “God Damn,” the latest single from the enigmatic Mimi Pretend. This right here is a prime example of a tune that seeps into your soul through osmosis, not by blaring in your face.

“God Damn” takes its sweet time, inching, slithering, and snaking its way toward you, the listener, and its ultimate destination. But it does so swathed in ethereal layers and a slow, seductive allure that’s unlike anything you’ve heard in a good long while. It’s a sound that harkens back to the dreamier fringes of shoegaze, a nod to those days of yore. Who knows, maybe it’s the spark that’ll reignite that flame. Fingers crossed, folks.

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