Miloš – Zachary Toigo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone with a long memory will find some lovely 80’s pop touches going on in this latest single from Canadian artist Zachary Toigo, particularly if you were a fan of the more alternative end of the scene and maybe had a few albums by The Smiths in your collection.

But as is always the way there is a marked difference between plundering past glories and being inspired by them and whilst Miloš is infused with some wonderfully chiming, and indeed charming, echoes of the past, the track is nothing if not totally the product of the modern age. Its blends of cinematic electronica and shimmering pop grooves, jaunty jangle and easy accessibility is just as perfect for today’s charts.

For this reason, younger music fans, modern pop-pickers and even discerning indie kids alike will love it. That’s the great thing about the cyclical nature of music, the best of it can appeal to both those who remember the original influences and those just looking for a new cool sound. Everyone’s a winner.

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