Midnight Canyon – Midnight Canyon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I often think that the fundamental differences between the USA and the UK can often be heard in much of the music the two countries make. Over here in the Old World, we revel in being the underdog, we don’t get the girl, we excel at music which is cynical and nervous, we make great losers. Across the water, a place where success is celebrated, music is more optimistic, more hopefully, you know things will come good in the end. Even when the likes of Bruce Springsteen are waxing lyrical, they do so from the position of a noble savage, a blue-collar hero set to rise from the streets and drive off into the sunset in search of a better life with his guitar and best girl by his side.

And it is this spirit of hope and epic drama which immediately sets up Midnight Canyon’s debut e.p. courtesy of Where The Ocean Starts. It is laced with a certain spirit and grandeur and the sonic hallmarks of a sound which is termed Americana, an often overly broad label perhaps but I will defy the listener to think of a better one to capture the earthy majesty of this fantastic opening salvo.

Current single On My Radio is full of upbeat charm, a blend of deft guitar licks, neat changes of sonic pace and tone and slightly melancholic, reflective vibes whilst Don’t Leave Me in The Dark seems to tip its hat to  the dear departed Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers early, outsider rock ‘n’roll sound and, for me, it doesn’t get better than that.

It’s a great first full release, a great collection of songs and one which certainly marks Midnight Canyon as a band to watch, and watch closely at that.

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