They say never judge a book by its cover. Similarly, as I have just learned, never judge an artist by their chosen professional name. With a name like The Loopstationist, I was expecting…well, I’m not sure what, but perhaps something trancey and repetitive, dance-fueled and electronic-based. Something more digital, somehow less human, perhaps.

What I got was something entirely different. Message of Hope From Other Planets is a rich and engaging piano piece built of cascades of notes and waves of sonic lushness. It sits somewhere between the classical world and that of the contemporary soloist, an instrumental track which is both delicate and ornate, which moves along at a brisk pace yet leaves a feeling of calmness in its wake.

And, given that you only have the track’s title to guide you as to the composer’s intent, it is enough to evoke thoughts of a connection with the stars, the grace and grandeur of the sky above us reflected in the music being made here. Hope, the most powerful of words found in the title, is the keyword to describe this optimistic music, music which says so much in so few well-chosen notes and so few carefully curated chords.

As gorgeous as it is surprising. That will teach me to approach such music with a more open mind in the future.

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