To be brutally honest, my initial curiosity about this song was piqued primarily due to the band’s amusing and punny name. Perhaps I was secretly hoping to uncover the reason behind their apparent grudge against Florida. It might not be the noblest motivation for giving a song a spin, but in retrospect, I’m rather pleased that I did.

What unfolded was a delightful, hazy serving of rock ‘n’ roll that skillfully traverses the realms of blissful stoner rock and gritty garage band vibes. But more than that, I received an unexpected lesson about Florida, or at the very least, the reasons behind the singer’s apparent disdain for the state.

Sure, these folks might never be offered a gig promoting the wonders of the Florida State Tourist Board, but I can confidently assert that they’ve earned a spot on your musical radar, your playlist, and maybe even in your cherished vinyl collection.

So, grab this tune if you’ve got a hankering for good music or, well, if you just harbour any latent animosity towards Florida.

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