Mentioned in Despatches –  8th July 2018

I am now getting so many submissions, links and physicals, press releases and album launch notifications that covering more than just a fraction has become an impossible task. I feel guilty watching so many great records go unmentioned so I thought that a short (hopefully) weekly round up of some of the music that I haven’t had time to write about at length might be the answer. So welcome to the first Mentioned In Despatches.

The Last Woman –  Larkmail

If you like your music dark and menacing, then The Last Woman is for you. A blend of brooding bass lines, doom ladened guitar riffs, industrial rawness and demonic vocals that make Nick Cave sound like a chirpy pop diva. It is a challenging listen wandering between the stark and beautiful to Fall-esque rants and reminds us that music, like all art, is best not when it is giving the audience what they want but what they didn’t realise they wanted.

Katy Hurt on tour and new EP planned

Country girl Katy Hurt has just announced some more summer dates and has announced a Pledge campaign to record the next EP- Somewhere Down in Winnipeg. Find all the info here  –


mail-2New EP from Redwood

Redwood have announce a new e.p. is going to see the light of day, titled Lay Your Love Down EP it will be released on 5th October 2018 via Failure By Design Records. Drawing on influence from a wide range of genres—from emo to post-rock—Redwood combine delicate melodies and thought provoking lyrics with intricate, shimmering guitars and powerful choruses with explosive endings. On record they’re nothing short of impressive, but the live show is where this band truly shines; energetic, atmospheric, bold and emotionally powerful. Check out lead single Mother here.

Preorder now –

mailI Hate Hate, brand new single from The Cuban Brothers

The Cuban Brothers have announced the release of their brand new single ‘I Hate Hate’, a cracking summery reworking of the classic soulful Razzy Bailey track.

A track that remains highly relevant in today’s political climate of divisions in the US under President Tump, his LGBT stance and a Britain divided over Brexit and Trump’s state visit on the 13th July, never have the words ‘I Hate Hate’ been more significant or poignant, so the brothers decided it was time to bring a little love back into our lives with this soulful, funky number proving that love is most definitely alive.
Pre order link –



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