Your weekly round up of the music that we didn’t have time to cover in any great depth but which we felt needed a bit of a mention so that you can go and check things out for yourself.

9 Heartbit – Stefano Tucci

00a42f0dbdeaffdf06cd3bffbbb96d569b0e8b84Raised in Naples but now resident in Paris, Tucci has been blending musical genres for nearly a decade. His latest album 9 Heartbit is a blissed out blend of clever guitar lines and groovesome dance beats, chilled electronica and pop urgency. More than anything it proves that dance music and dexterous guitar work are not as opposite as the rock and dance fraternities would have us believe and that there is a sweet spot between the two. Listen to Tucci’s music and it seems so obvious.

Find this album and lots more besides HERE

The Wolves –  Mandolin Orange

636044535189307759-mandolin-orangeThe latest single from Mandolin Orange is a bit lovely. The Wolves is a graceful folk/country amalgam and the third single from forthcoming album Tides Of A Teardrop and it revels in gorgeous musical textures, deft picking and a lovely laidback vibe. Roots music, especially when meshed with cool indie vibes may be the go-to for every kid in a wide brimmed hat and copy of a Mumford’s album these days, but Mandolin Orange are the real deal, the sound of folk music evolving for a new audience, the sound of country music realising that the term alt- never had any real meaning in the first place, proof that genres were only ever a lazy journalistic device.

Check out their gorgeousness in this video.

Naked in a Dress – Toria

47013642_2222096601449771_1586380066659500032_nAnything that prompts you to make a mental note to play your Elliot Smith albums more often has got to be a good thing right? Right from the off Toria‘s debut album does just that, whilst also making sure you stop by Bon Ivor and a whole host of latter-day hazy, dream-folk artists along the way.

Gorgeously minimal, brilliantly understated and for all its chiming cinematics is centred with a wonderfully human vocal and some natural sounding guitar work. Drama and dynamics come with everything from plaintive piano work, psychedelic slide blues, folky dexterity and spacious atmospherics. Move over Damien Rice there is a new kid on the less is more musical block.

Check it all out HERE



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