Synthpop music, not to mention all of its sonic spin-offs and sonic associates, has right from its inception in the aftermath of punk, always had the ability to sound somehow an echo of the past and a musical glimpse of the future simultaneously. Circular and timeless, locked in a loop of reinvention and evolution. And Memory Box is no exception, in fact, I would go as far as to say that it is a perfect and tasteful example of this duality.

Part gentle reminder of the sound that helped smooth the edges of the post-punk aftermath, part a view of where electronic music is heading, it is the sound of clash and compliment, of rigid, metronomic beats being draped with sweet synth washes and futuristic sounds spiralling around beguiling cold war riffs.

Adam Cresswell, the man behind the nom de plume, was a founding member of John Peel favourites, indie-folktronica band Saloon and one half of electronic two-piece Arthur & Martha, and Memory Box, a song exploring perceptions of reality and the certainty of our memories, marks the end of a two and half year hiatus for him under the Rodney Cromwell sonic brand.

And what a great return it is and the perfect teaser for his forthcoming album of the same name.

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