Mean – Meghan and Caitlin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is safe to say that sisters are indeed doin’ it for themselves, at least Meghan and Caitlin Foley are. The clever thing about Mean is that whilst it is the perfect sonic marker of where pop music is at its most cutting edge, that it sounds so contemporary, so part of the here and now, intriguingly when you put it under the microscope you see that it is actually built from very familiar building blocks. That soulful, gently surging Hammond organ that leads us in, that lazy hip-hop beat, that garage rock vibe that drives the song across the finish line, it might have all been done before but the end result is as unexpected as it is welcome.

It’s the shot in the arm that alternative pop or underground indie needs, it follows the rules of groove and infectiousness as laid down by the guardians of the generic guidelines but it then tears the rule book up and wanders off into darker corners and along more genre blurring pathways. The end result is something that will appeal to the younger, more discerning pop fans but is robust enough, edgy and streetwise enough to appeal to a much wider, much more discerning set of fans too.

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