Many Colours – Colder (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

12189660_1225041677522314_270041047171191812_nLike much of the best music, whilst Colder wears its influences clearly on its sleeve, stark post-punk, early electro through to boundary pushing, modern, mood driven dance experimentations, it also manages to create its own plane of existence. That plane is one of cool late night bars, slick urban adventures, sophisticated socialites and effortless elegance.


It is of note that the man behind the music, Marc Nygen Tan, studied cinema for many years as well as working in design for fashion and TV, as his music has that same hyper-real quality, pitching a seductive lifestyle, the soundtrack to unobtainable glamour and a fantasy existence conjured by it’s slick production, pulsing heartbeat and subdued atmospheres. This is music that goes beyond the dance floor, it is far too clever for that, it throbs with a cool intensity, hotwires the pleasure senses, exacts a sense of euphoria and acts as the score to a world that exists only in our dreams.

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