Funky! That’s the word. There is something of the Tom Jones/George Michael school of effervescent and euphoric pop about this song; it shares their ability to make pop music that is both infectious and accessible whilst being somehow more mature and sophisticated than what you usually get from your top dollar.

It’s a fine line to walk. Often music which aims to satisfy both camps falls too far one way or the other. If it falls short, it can be throwaway and forgettable. If it goes too far the other way, then it can be slightly stale or earnest. It takes a lot of skill to land in the right place, to find that x does indeed mark the spot. But Emily + Shawn appear to be more than up to the task, and Mama Told Me is all the proof you need.

So, to some up. It’s pop. It’s excellent pop at that. And if it is pop, then in is pop plus, pop with added zing. And whilst being all those things, it’s just damned clever with it. Pop with smarts. Pop with poise. Pop with a purpose. Pop with a PhD? Why not?

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