Dance music, like most genres, covers a broad spectrum, from chilled, ambient drifts to intense and thunderous digital tsunamis. Machines is a track that takes in both of these but so much more besides. It is built of so many contrasting dynamics, from sky-searing, electronic crescendoes to almost a cappella lows, that there is a symphonic quality to it; ebbing and flowing through the same sonic emotional ranges, the same degree of movements and interludes that you come to expect from perhaps a classical orchestra or a progressive rock epic. It isn’t very often that you find music this adventurous and changeable, fluid and full of variety being made in the dance and electronic realms.

And yet here it is. A dance track that goes way beyond what dance music is usually about. A dance track that is as technical as the most ornate rock, as sweeping as an orchestral performance, as hard-hitting as a metal onslaught, as infectious as pop, and which does all of that without sounding remotely like anything you have heard before. Isn’t it great when you stumble across tracks like that?

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