Lusts share single True Romance

lvfxkSIwLusts, the recording pseudonym of brothers Andrew and James Stone, are returning with their brand new LP ‘call of the void’, out November 16th. Alongside they’ve shared their expansive new single ‘true romance’, a motoric and electric track with a danceable pace and gloriously infectious hook.


Of the track, they tell us “‘true romance’ takes influence from classic romantic literature, drawing a line between love affairs throughout the ages, and channeling them through our own gothic perspective. It’s a mixture of the intertwining stories of Cleopatra and Caesar, Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, Clarence and Alabama, and “The Sun Also Rises” by Hemingway. We were also inspired by this quote from “Wide Sargasso Sea” – “Blot out the moon, Pull down the stars. Love in the dark, for we’re for the dark. So soon, so soon.” ‘true romance’ is about unrequited love, and all the unusual and intricate ways we express ourselves. We’re all different, we’re all strange, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Their self-recorded and self-released LP has a diverse palette of sonics and themes, having been influenced by the endless motion of the city, otherworldly nights, and brutalist architecture. It’s a utopian and romantic record; Lusts are more interested in being part of a developed and progressive future than being caught in a dystopian mire. The album is hopeful rather than despairing, but there are also explorations of darker themes.

Utilising the haunting, reverb-drenched production of classic 80’s post-punk as well as the glistening sheen of the iconic synth-pop the decade is so famous for, Lusts explore a rich soundscape of Lynchian ambiance amongst their poppier hooks. There’s a layer of experimentation here too, whether it’s Andy drawing from the themes of Jean Baudrillard’s America for the single ‘lost highway’ or James introducing a rhythmic pattern by tapping pint glasses, inspired by Steve Reich’s minimalistic approach, for ‘joy in a joyless place’.

Live dates:
Shacklewell Arms | London | 22nd Nov
Eagle Inn | Salford, Manchester | 29th Nov
Broadcast | Glasgow | 30th Nov
Leicester | Dryden Street Social | 1st Dec

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