LUNAcy – LUNA clipse ft B.K. Habermehl (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The back story behind the artist known as LUNA clipse is one of manic delusions, visions of the apocalypse and even false arrest. And whether the tale is wholly true or just makes for intriguing PR doesn’t really matter. What matters is that track highlights issues of mental health, amongst other things, and its release was perfectly timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month.

Lyrically it slow-burns its way through religious preaching, social commentary and political ranting but balancing LUNA clipse’s spoken word/rap poeticism is the sweet voice of B.K. Habermehl, and the boy/girl, hard/soft, earnest/easy tones that are explored as the two vocals play off each other, blend and balance, is fantastic.

And below these vocal, focal points lay some gorgeous neo-soul rhythms, slow dance beats and skittering, trip-hop grooves, again the perfect accompaniment nd counter-point for the stark messages dancing above them.

Music should always have something to say, and this has plenty to say but it also delivers some soulful and sensuous music at the same time. It’s the sound of opposites attracting, balances being found and music being given renewed purpose.

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