As they gear up to release their new ‘Heaving’ LP, Berlin-based Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys has joined with Metropolis Records for North America distribution as a result of a partnership agreement with Europe-based Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe, Uniquely merging moody art pop, dark folk and delightful ambient noise, the group, South Africa-born artist Lucy Kruger leads the way in creating music that is full of atmosphere and intensity.

To encounter Kruger’s music is to witness a singular journey of constant reflection that is producing an ever-widening arc of creativity.  Kruger has consistently engaged in a slow, steady exploration of what it takes to make music that is universal and enduring.

“I think that what I am able to offer as an artist is a detailed expression of my experience, for although the situation may feel unique to me, the feelings are universal. Giving them a sound and shape validates and creates space for those feelings, allowing listeners to feel seen, even at a distance. Even in the isolation of a bedroom. Especially in the isolation of a bedroom,” says Lucy Kruger.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Metropolis Records and feel as if ‘Heaving’ has found a good home on the other side of the ocean. Hopefully the band will be able to join the songs and the label for a visit and some shows very soon.‘

Kruger recently released the single ‘Howl’, with a lyrics video and a live performance video filmed in South Africa. Defiant and devastating, catchy and cutting, ‘Howl’ slips from casual storytelling into visceral, near violent, confession. Catharsis in the form of rock ‘n roll.

Earller, the band released the singles ‘Burning Building’, Stereoscope’ and the title track ‘Heaving’ with accompanying film by Belgian director and motion designer Lena Nerinckx (Contour Collective).

Since releasing the final album in the ‘Tapes Trilogy’ in April 2022 and touring this material extensively, the band now shifts their attention to the ‘Heaving’ album, the collective sonic wealth between them allowing for a live set that drifts between introverted and ecstatic. On April 4, the band kicks off their European tour as the album launch takes place the following month (May 5) at the Lido in Berlin.

The ‘Heaving’ LP will be released on April 7 and will be available from fine music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

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