Lower State of Consciousness – Analog Bombs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

19fcda89aff67fe16701605320a8fa52ebacc0aeIt’s fair to say that it is hard to fault the choices this Bradford band makes. Cool band name, intriguing album title, interesting artwork…I like them even before the virtual needle hits the metaphorical groove…man, I miss the old days. But once inside, musically they follow the same smart way of doing things.


Hard-edged ska drives a whole lot of indie swagger, sheer brass attacks with a Mariachi flavour, plus humour and grit infused lyrics and a bag of funky-punchy groovesome songs. Some music is about depth and detail, inward reflection and contemplation. That’s okay for some but that isn’t what’s going on here. Here we are in the world of boozy street anthems, kitchen sing dramas, back alley operas and putting a positive musical spin on the daily musical grind.


Analog Bombs may not change your life but they will damn sure make your night. It is the sound track to a beer swilling, caution throwing, life affirming night out with your friends, one where it is difficult to tell where the band ends and the audience begins, both physically and mentally. The stuff that drams are made of? Definitely.

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