In an explosion of Gretsch guitar growls, throaty vocals, foot on the monitor swagger and staccato riffs, Not Coming Home not so much announces what The Rocketz are all about, more howls it at the moon. This is old school rock and roll at its finest…more than that, it is old school rock and roll remade for the modern age.

And so the album continues in the same vein. Get No Sleep is groovesome, boogie-inducing and infectious, Takes Me Back is a slow, slightly sleazy and sultry spin around the dancefloor and Round She Goes exists at the point where rock attitude meets punk energy.

Between these songs are a wealth of songs that not so much take rock to new places but certainly takes it back to some of the fun and fabulous places it has always frequented and then given them a slight makeover. And the lesson learned here? If it ain’t broke…well, you know!

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