Love Somebody –  The Catalina (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taking liberal amounts of pop and rock and no small dose of 80’s vibes, Love Somebody is both a song seeped in musical nostalgia as well as sonic modernity. If contemporary music itself is cyclical and the same sounds seeming to of find their way back into the zeitgeist at roughly 30 year intervals, this time around the glossy, chart accessible end of the pop-rock has remerged just as polished but bedecked in a modern coolness that perhaps was missing last time we surfed this wave.

If rock is all about weight and gravitas and pop is built around accessibility and  addictive qualities, then Love Somebody sits perfectly at the point where these, often rival musical factions, collide. The Catalina clearly has a way with smooth rock but also has the musical drive to rise well above the power-ballad, and soft rock territory. Think of The Goo Goo Dolls at the point after Iris had taken a band of road weary rockers and opened the doors to a more mainstream audience or Train when…well, just Train.

All they have to do now is write their Iris or Drops of Jupiter, no small task but I’m sure they have it in them.

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