Love Kills Slowly – Black Bluebirds (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Black_BluebirdsWhilst there has, in the modern age at least, been a real disconnect between the potential of the original goth scene with all its pomp and drama, knowing pretence and theatrical allure and the grit and integrity of the modern alt-rock and fractured, tribal metal community, Black Bluebirds feel like that missing link, that bridge between the two worlds. To be honest they should never have lost touch really but as the metallers swapped musical tenacity for sonic technicality and the gothic realm traded cinematics for cyber, the two musical worlds seemed set on very different paths.

That is why bands like Black Bluebirds are so vital, a reminder that both were once musical allies and by taking the power and potency of metal and using it to channel the dark and sultry temperament of gothic rock a wonderful reunion unfolds. But more than sounding like a reunion in the truest sense of the word, a nostalgic gathering, a remembrance and a rose tinted revisit to past glories, this is instead the sound of both camps moving forward in unison. Grating guitars and synth washes, pounding bass lines and thunderous back beats all swirl in the mix and the vocals bruise and brood, and the result is a grinding grooving alliance of musical blood brothers. Okay, it’s not the first time such a generic gene splicing has been tried, but rarely has it been done this effectively.

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