Hi Paris. Let’s start with a catch-up. It has been 18 months since I wrote about your music and the excellent “Kings Juga” record. What has changed for you between then and now, and what has stayed the same as it ever was, musically and otherwise?

Hello Dave. It’s great to connect with you again. What has changed for me? My move to France has become more permanent. The longer I’ve been more outside the states, the more I see how insane it is in terms of the current sociopolitical climate, and just from a violent perspective. Musically speaking, I’ve built a small studio here and am continuing to focus on a magnum opus of sorts that I’ve been creating over the last few years. It will encompass field recordings, classical music, jazz, blues, music of the African Diaspora, and what Id like to describe as tribal and ethnic rhythms stretching across time and space. Music of the past, present, and future. I believe with the tools at our disposal, the future of music will become genre-less…

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