Love at the Community Centre – Ratts (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

With all the modern tricks and effects producers can add to songs to make the mundane sound fantastic it comes somewhat as a refreshing change to hear a song stripped back to a simple guitar riff, a steady metronome drum beat and a rock melody, this is what London garage band Ratts seem all about.

It’s a head-bouncer from the outset, a little like Brian Johnson-era AC/DC, you’re moving your head to the beat before you realise it.

This is the first release from the three-piece and, judging by this, the band will soon get a following from those who want their rock homemade and honest rather than auto-tuned and shiny.

If you want some rock and the radio isn’t quite giving you what you want, check these guys out, the train is just about to leave the station, so jump on board now and see where the journey takes you.



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