It is easy to see the musical styles that Secu uses to build his sound from – trippy urban rhythms, groovesome R&B vibes, soulful deliveries all dancing over a platform of beats and beguiling electronica – but the way that he puts these together is the real charm. Because so deftly are these influences woven together, so dexterously are they layered that the resulting track is fresh and different from most of the competition yet built from already familiar sounds.

This is a smart move as it engages both those looking for the next zeitgeist to surf, and the next fashion to follow and it will appeal to those more set in their ways, those who might be happy in their existing musical comfort zones.

And of course, that is the way that any musical style moves on, not through wild experimentation or acts of musical revolution…they rarely last anyway. No, through appealing to such a wide range of music consumers from pop pickers to rap kids, soul divas to dancefloor aficionados, whilst gently evolving the form, Seca secures his place in the annals of music when the next chapter gets written.

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