Lost Cause – The Persian Leaps (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bang! Straight in. That’s how you make an impression. But then with the overall song weighing at just over two minutes there isn’t any time to mess around with enticing intros and tantalising sonics teasers. The Persian Leaps get straight to work, you have to admire that. Depending on which era you were born into you’d call this power-pop or new pop or post-punk-pop or pop-rock or perhaps even indie. But it doesn’t matter what you call it really, what matters is that it is a song built out of wonderfully skittish grooves and staccato guitar lines, is infectiously singalong and given its buoyant nature and easy ways surprisingly…it’s whatever the opposite of throwaway is. A keeper, I guess, yes, it’s definitely a keeper.

Although this musically dynamic duo hail from Minnesota, I would hazard a guess that there are more than a few albums for the jangling and hazy heyday of British guitar bands in their collective record collections. Every now and then you catch a whiff of the likes of Teenage Fanclub or The Jasmine Minks or perhaps even the long lost Talulah Gosh, and that can only be a good thing, right? Quite right!

The Persian Leaps has been sending out a steady stream of “celestial guitar jangle” to quote The NME, for a decade, a salvo of eps which have been praised by critics and fans alike before retiring as a full live band to return to their roots as a studio concern a couple of years ago And if the removal of such logistical live distractions means that they can produce tracks as fantastic as this, then the results easily justified such a move.

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