The inbox of a new music freelancer is an interested and varied place. Predictably, it sees a lot of through traffic of bands who are more hobbyists than career-minded, names that pop up and just as quickly fade into obscurity. But then, very occasionally something lands with no prior warning or media fanfare that makes you sit up and exclaim, “wow, where did that come from?” So when I saw the name Steve Kilbey as a co-author of this single, I had to double check that it was the same man who steered The Church, one of the most important bands of by formative days, to success. And indeed it is.

But you are only as good as your latest release, in many ways, and thankfully Lost at Sea is a bit of a blinder. A gentle, chiming, ballad of a song, big on understatement, small on unnecessary showboating. A song which just flows and washes over the listener; lyrical poignant and musically moving in its restraint. It also comes accompanied by an instrumental version and a different vocal mix in which both men contribute. All are enchanting stuff but then I knew that I was in safe hands.

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