Discolor_Blink_-_Long_Vivid_Dream_(cover).jpgThe ability to produce a suite of five songs which simultaneously seem part of totally different musical genres yet somehow sonically sit perfectly side by side is a great, and indeed brave, trick in this often musically narrow-minded world. It is probably because the driving force behind it, Ashkan Maleyeri approaches his music as a writer of scores, rather than someone interested in taking the more obvious route of song writing for a popularist market.

Long Vivid Dream moves at it’s own, often unexpected, pace from the opening, creeping strains of Migraine to the dark, raw edged dynamism of The Life of Lily then from the down beat, Kate Bush-esque Black and Grey to the drifting nature and cold musical climes of Poor Receipts. But if there is one song that stands out from the more ethereal sounds that colour the e.p. it is What Pain Brings and its ability to wander through the sounds of the jazz era, re-appropriating beats and incorporating brass section grandeur but still sounding like the product of a near-future, dystopian cocktail bar band.

And it is such strange juxtapositions which see big rock guitars sit along side slick eighties styled electronica, dark and haunting grooves bristle with pop aware catches and neo-classical vocals deliver fractured dreamstate operas.

The inherent eclecticism to be found here reflects something of Ashkan’s own journey from the warmth of Tehran to cooler Cambridge climate and the decidedly harsher Canadian Winters but just as everybody draws their own story across the world map, that story also suggest a very unique soundtrack. Add to that the breathy and sultry tones of vocalist of Alexis Nadeau and you have a very enticing soundscape indeed.

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