There is something immediately likeable in Betsy Phillips’ new EP, the calm and unrushed songs contain subtle twinkly moments that can appear sombre but goes a long way to reinforce the notion that often the best voice in the room doesn’t need to be the loudest. It’s all very understated, it never goes beyond third gear and feels like it employs the necessary rather than the folly, no over-elaborate production here, it’s perfectly shaped and trimmed to allow each individual piece to shine.

The lead vocal sits neatly somewhere between Norah Jones’ smooth but husky, velvet tones and Bon Iver’s laid-out vulnerability and is played out against a country, folk vibe where percussion and bass lays just the right foundation for clever lead instruments to support the vocal.

It’s definitely a recipe that will either grab you immediately or leave you cold, luckily I found myself enthralled by the voice and the laid-back delivery and, at only five songs long, it can happily play on repeat while you sink into the atmosphere that it creates.

It feels like the songs were a long time coming, so much emotion is entwined in them that it feels each note and word has been meticulously chosen and poured over, I hope this isn’t the way Phillips works because if this is a taste of what she can create, then bring on the next release!          


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