There is something slightly nostalgic, easy and comfortable about the lazy beats and the warm feeling you get as you listen to Like We Used To, but that is a deliberate move. Understanding that music communicates as much to the soul as the lyrics do to the brain, Coral Moons have created a wonderful twin synergy between the words and the music.

As the lyrics describe that feeling of looking back at past relationships and thinking, would things be easier if I could just return to those days, so the music cocoons you in swathes of familiarity and longing? (Note to self..that relationship is over for a reason, don’t be swayed by the power and magic of the music.)

Musically they blend melodic pop moves with rootsy grooves, there is a rawness to the guitars, a brashness to the beats and a purposeful pulsing of the bass but this is balanced by the sweetness of Carly Kraft’s vocals and the chime and charm of the keyboards and other sonic inclusions which dance around the edge of the song, smoothing edges and adding intrigue.

It’s the perfect blend of past music traditions and forward-thinking alt-pop, it derives its power from a certain familiarity of sound but also bursts many of those bubbles of expectation because of the deftness and understatement with which they draw everything together. Where it fits in the pantheon of modern music or where it resides in the great American songbook, I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is that it is a great song, one whose easy ways and melodic charm, chiming sweetness and delicate form you will fall in love with immediately.

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