Like The Sun – Panavisope (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

Liking this from the very start. It sounds very theatrical. I’m imagining a big stage with a huge supporting cast of actors, dancers and people dressed in mad animal costumes interacting with a crazy colour world of sculpture and animatronics.

The falsetto might not be to everybody’s taste but it is a good fit to the sonic backdrop that Alex Duloz creates throughout. I am liking the experimental treatments given to the vocals at different points in the album thanks to the excellent work that Kitchen Studio has achieved. The production has a Daft Punk feel that is sharp and carries depth and breadth at its heart.

This recording would be equally well received as a live performance at a summer festival or as a headphone accompaniment to a lazy duvet day. It has both pop and pomp in abundance.

There is a good mixture of melodic gentle passages and expansive dark sections that are connected with smart use of synth-based bridges.

For me, it’s not necessarily a recording that I’ll keep rushing back to but I think it will be one of those CDs that I’ll pick up randomly from time to time, wonder what it is, and then be pleased to re-engage with again as a little lost gem. We all need those in our collections.

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