Like A Rainbow Glitch – Your Friends Polymers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I did it again! I took one look at the band name, the artwork, the track’s title and jumped to conclusions. Everything suggested that what lay beyond would be some sort of strange electro music, digital dalliances made up of synth textures and angular, programmed off-beats. Well, you know what they say about judging books by covers…don’t! And they say it for good reason. Not that there would be anything wrong with what I have just described but what I encountered was so much better.

Your Friends Polymers revel in blissed out, dreamy, rock and it feels like a wonderful oasis in a sea of classic rockers trading on past glories and production line alt-rockers making cliched music driven by style rather than substance. Like A Rainbow Glitch is built on both style and substance, layering up cool, almost shoegazy guitar lines over pulsing jabs of bass and simple but effective drum patterns whilst topping it off with ethereal vocals and shimmering musical textures.

Such sounds were once part of the underground, a place that discerning music aficionados visited to get away from the mundanity of the mainstream, a welcome break from pointless pop and bombastic rock. Back then such music felt like escape, Your Friends Polymers (cool name by the way) however feels more like it belongs in the modern mainstream, a beacon to others to remind us that rock doesn’t have to follow tried and tested rules and regulations, in fact the whole point was that it never did. 

Like A Rainbow Glitch is a reminder that rock and pop can be both clever and commercial, that you can have enough integrity to appeal to the underground and yet be melodic and infectious enough to turn the ears of the mainstream listener. It may be easy to see where they draw their inspirations but it is where they are taking those reimagined sounds and rejuvenated sonics which is the real story here.

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