People less familiar with the inner workings of a band occasionally ask what the role of the bass guitar actually is. As a one time welder of a low slung, big guitar with an apparent string deficiency, I have often found myself trying to explain its role as the groove making, gut punching, sonic platform which, along with the guy flailing around with the sticks, provides the cornerstone and ballast for the better known members of the band to hang their melodies and musicality on. From now on I am just going to play them Light On, as before you register anything else you will probably notice the bass line as the star of the show. Biased? Yes, probably, but its deft blends of staccato riffing and driving power-plays is the perfect example of exactly why it’s an essential musical tool.

But a bass does not a band make. Luckily, as we are already aware from previous singles such as Emergency, this is a band who know how to craft songs that sit cleverly at the indie/rock divide blending the cleaner lines and cooler contemporary sound of the former genre with the grunt and groove of the latter. The result is a song with poise and power, and which understands just how dynamics work moving between spacious melodies and full on musical assaults at the flick of switch. Another near perfect offering from the band and a great song to listen to if you want to understand the various musical roles in a modern rock band. Or maybe you just want to boogie about to it, that works too.

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