With a vocal delivery sitting somewhere between contemporary r’n’b and, at it’s most rapid, lyrical rap flows, Lifeline is pretty much all you need to know about where alt-pop, for want of a better term, is at today. Alt-pop might be an unexpected label to give this track but Lifeline certainly ticks the required boxes for accessibility, inventiveness and mass appeal, so why not?

It is also a track which touches on any number of genres without committing to any one. It is this freedom to be a musical magpie, taking the shiniest of sonics from various camps and then taking them back to the studio-nest to build something which tips its hat to many genres but which sounds like a step forward, which sets the music apart. It runs on sonorous bass hits and trippy, trap percussion, the middle ground is a weave of electronica but the real focal point is the affected vocals which sit atop it all.

Pop is an ever changing place and the future is going to be forged by people who refuse to stick to one pattern, genre, style or musical template but who instead are able to draw in compatible sounds from far flung corners and build something new with them. Artists like Donnie Aki.

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