19105858_782848555173441_4315933262841808728_nI think it is safe to say that if ever there was the perfect time to put out a song calling for unity, celebrating people’s similarities rather than differences and extoling the virtues of peace and compassion, it is now. The world seems like an ever more volatile place and the more bridges rather than walls we attempt to build, can only be a cause for celebration.


And like the bridges being built in the message of the song, Lyrics of Two build musical bridges, ones that link alternative pop with ambient balladeering, neo-classical minimalism with earnest indie callings. But there is something else as well, an ambient space behind the notes, a meditate feeling lingering in the pauses between the words, a transient, opaque beauty created not out of the physical aspects of the song being presented before you, but rather out of the atmosphere and moods being created in the gaps between.

Maybe the most effective messages are the ones that are just left hanging for others to find, rather than the more bombastic and theatrical attempts. Messages that seem to affect change by osmosis rather than conscious direction, ideas which are just absorbed by the population around them rather than as a result of being told what to do.

I propose that this song be played in every mall, bank, school yard and workplace across the world, a gentle suggestion to already susceptible minds, a reminder that when it comes down to it, we are all children, all parents, are all loved, are all neighbours, are all community, all citizens of the same small planet. And when the cruel winds deliver news of yet more dark actions and troubling events around the world we can use this as a collective song of unity. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…maybe mighty movements from gentle songs do as well. Let’s hope.

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