Anything that sounds like 70’s Elton John doing his best Jerry Lee Lewis impression has got to be worth checking out. And indeed Let’s Get Woke (I took the liberty of adding the contraction apostrophe, I can be annoying like that) is a infectious blend of piano driven, high octane boogie-woogie and pop ’n’ roll. You find it located to the commercial side of The Killer and the rootsy side of Rocketman, not a bad place to be if you ask me. And since you are reading this, you did…in a round about way.

Throw in some raucous and revelatory blues-rock guitar that has been driven to excess, deft, shimmering  break downs and sonic gear shifts that happen in the blink of an eye and you have something that is brilliant in its simplicity and simple in its brilliance. If you are looking to a modern song that has been grown in the still fertile top soil of late 50’s rock ’n’roll and watered by the rains of 70’s classic songwriting then been allowed to blossom in the here and now, bright, fragrant and strikingly eye catching…well, ear worming in this case, then there is no better contender than this.

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