Let Your Hair Down –  Pointdexter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Somewhere at a point where soul and rock, jazz and blues all collide, you find Pointdexter. Their sound is created not so much by the colliding of those sonic worlds themselves, but more out of the mixed and cross-pollinated remains once the initial big bang has subsided. As the dust clears what appears is a wonderfully understated yet groovesome sound, soulful yet driven by dexterous bass lines and clever hooks, infectious but tastefully done too.

Lyrically it is an ode to personal freedom, celebrating the fact that, as we only live once we should make the best of things, be adventurous, throw caution to the wind and fill our lives with joy, live by rules of our own making. In a way it is about revolution and not following the paths suggested to you by others, and if it is indeed a revolution, then it is the politest revolution, the most private revolution, and without doubt the one with the best sound track. Isn’t that the sort of revolution that we can all get behind? I know I can.


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