Let The Light In, Vol 2 – Chris Donohoe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

At a time when the world seems a divided and entrenched place, where people seem more certain of what they are against than anything that they stand for, Chris Donohoe’s latest collection of songs breezes through like a breath of fresh air.

Even those with the best intentions seem to be using heightened rhetoric and making bombastic artist statements and challenging music. But not Chris. Let The Light In, Vol 2 is a thoughtful, understanding and emotionally philosophically set of songs that seek to address the problems that society finds itself faced with today.

And he does all of this through a mix of eloquent lyricism and eloquent music. The words are well chosen, the music errs on the side of understatement and the whole thing is smooth and seductive whilst also being deep and meaningful. And that is a heady combination.

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