Let Me Go – Raychillout (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Weaving its way between chilled out EDM and understated pop, Let Me Go is a master class in the use of dynamic in dance music. It wanders between sonic vocal crescendos and downbeat voice as instrument interludes, high-octane beats and brooding basslines, it captures infectious energy and more restrained moods. And the fantastically name Raychillout manages to cover all of that sonic ground in three minutes with room to spare.

It’s a song which chimes perfectly with the needs of the dancefloor crowd but the clever twists and turns which it navigates along the way also make it a hit with the chill-out room and those looking for a more clever take on the clubland groove.

It is a track built on opposites, which we all know attract, and on contradictions and contrast. Ambience balances beat, groove with restraint and the contrast between the crystal lead voice and the smothered vocals which act almost like an odd, additional bass line, is a whole new take on the age-old, boy-girl lyrical exchange.

Dance music has always made the listener feel, Let Me Go will make them think too.

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