13516498_1104176092974040_2703013951179122041_nIf, like us here at Dancing About Architecture, you were  seduced by the exotic charms of Le Thanh’s last album Elephant, you will be pleased to hear that she has launched a crowd funding project to help make the latest album become a reality. But we’ll let her explain it in here own words. (In German.)

Here’s what we had to say about her music…

“Gloriously understated and seemingly from an earlier time, this album wonderfully subverts the expectations of this neon, glossy world we now inhabit. Elephant comes from a different place, one seemingly of half-light and solitude, of empty rooms and fleeting glances, a genteel place, one that only exists in 19th century romance novels and black and white films. If it ever really existed at all, this album is your passport to it”



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