Le Idi Di Yaxy – Yaxy Records (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

More than anything I have heard in the genre recently, Yaxy Records makes hip-hop music which says a lot about where the sound and the style is today. It also, by extension, tells us something about the world in which it is created.

Firstly, although it is easy to draw lines that link back to the earliest hip-hop pioneers, this is the sound of the digital embrace which makes modern forward-thinking rather than just resting on past sonic glories. The beats are digital, their patterns often unexpectedly off-beat and following their own groove-agenda, and the lyrics are swathed in futuristic electronica and synthetic bass pulses.

And if the music tells us something of the genre today, the lyrics speak of the world around it. The fact that they are often sung in a language other than English shows us how far things have come from the early days of the syle’s stateside birth.

The lyrics are deft and decisively delivered and, even if the language barrier precludes direct communication and understanding, the rhythms and meter, the flow and the impact create an important texture and tone, words making music all of their own.

That’s the great thing about music, any music. Between the words and beyond the beats it can speak of things much bigger than the initial message of the song itself. You just have to know how to listen.

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