Lavine –  Moist (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music seemingly exists to cut through the background noise of the world around us, some to reflect it back at us like a mirror and some seems content to create fragile sonic structures to encircle and capture it. Lavine is definitely in the latter category. Moist seem to make music which is about building deft and delicate musical bubbles to encapsulate the natural atmospheres that surround us. And their gossamer blends of music are a perfect balance between the pulse of the modern, human world and the ethereality of the timeless natural landscape.

It’s a difficult balancing act, to make synth infused music sound organic whilst simultaneously making ambient sounds components of chilled pop music but it is a musical high wire act that they walk with sure-footed grace. And it is in the gaps between the notes and the pauses for breath between the words that much of the music is made, knowing what to leave out or what natural atmospherics to allow to linger is an important part of the process, it would seem. At its most driven tracks such as Traces are pop stripped down to its very essence, infectious, groovesome and confident yet seemingly smoke-like and transient. At the other end of the spectrum Stars is an understated and shimmering slice of mood manifesting as music.

Between these musical demarcations they weave addictive pop vibes through almost Vangelisian sound scores. Firefly is both sultry and celebratory and for all its pace it never loses its poise or purpose and Berlin is a hazy wash of glorious beats and beauty in equal measure and masterclass in restraint.

Lavine is the sound of dream-pop made accessible to the wider commercial market, of indie music remembering that it doesn’t have to try to compete with rock or pop but can create its own alternate world to exist in, a world of space and beauty, where the natural world and the human one dance in harmony, where futuristic music sounds like an echo of a primal past. You will not hear a better or more gorgeously composed electronic album for a long time. Probably not until the next Moist album I suspect.

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