Last Night Was Hell – Lvstnight (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As this album kicks off with short opener Hate Me, you wonder if your speakers are going to survive. The bass line that drives the song is less about creating a groove and more akin to sonic warfare, a strange blend of rap, industrial drone music and sonic aggression. From there things calm down a bit and head into more conventional territory but not too conventional.

The album continue to drive on sonorous, pounding beats, skittering percussion and shimmering electronica, it delivers sharp and street-smart lyrics drawn from the grim realities of the urban experience but Lvstnight put this all together with their own signature set of skills.

There is plenty of space to allow the cavernous back beats to echo out and create heavy atmospherics between the musical lines. There are clever rhythms which draw the listener in, addictive grooves which connect past hip-hop explorers with the cutting edge sonic adventurers of today…an elite group which Lvstnight can call themselves part of. More than anything there is a harshness, an honesty and a dark reflection of reality which lingers in their music. And there is no point in making music if you don’t totally believe in what you are crafting is there?

Last Night Was Hell sounds nothing less than the real deal. 

Link to the EP:


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