Dave_Wesley_Laranja_Swadhisthana_67_5_Session_v1_(cover)Music can be at its most fascinating when its very concepts and ideas are being questioned, when it has moved beyond the boundaries of the common conscensus and into more exploratory and questioning spaces. Dave Wesley’s 2-track offering does this in every way imaginable. He builds hypnotic, rhythmic music which in many ways is a form of ambient EDM but instead of being forged from the normal cool synth waves and glitchy digital heart beats seems to come from a more elemental place.

There is a tribal beat at its heart and primal sounds that feel like extracts from a radiophonic workshop archive flesh it out, sounds which could easily be made up from the noise of cracking ice and shifting sand dunes, of trees growing or the alien sounds of deep space. But as the music often pushes towards a sort of meditative dub genre it also skirts around minimal classic composition, strange cinematic Foley sound scores pushed through a repetitive loop and even aligns itself with an ambient progressive rock.

It also questions what a music release can be, though this is less of a departure in today’s almost format-less world than it may have been in the past but still an e.p. with just two tracks and averaging around the 10-minute mark is bucking convention and offers a real investment in a society with a short span of creative attention.

And the real joy of music such as this meandering sonic journey is letting it grow on you so that each subsequent play reveals another musical texture, another strange, half-hidden layer, another buried instrument and letting it go to work on the mind, conjuring thoughts and ideas, letting it stimulate the imagination to paint its own accompanying pictures as you lose yourself in its beguiling, minimal beauty. Listening is fine for some music, here nothing less than full immersion is required.

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