12408869-la-davis-change-nothing-to-loseSo, here we are, first review of the year and so lets start with something both outside our normal brief but also lyrically poignant as the kick off point for a new year of writing about new music. L.A. Davis is a London based soul-pop singer who has used his music as a biography of the events that have shaped his life. Having sung with Mark Ronson’s band and shared the stage with the likes of John Legend is an indication as to where Davis’ fits in the scheme of things as he combines the smooth soulfulness of the latter with the more pop edged, experimentation of the former.

His new single, Change – Nothing To Lose, walks a perfectly crafted line between edgy alt-pop and mainstream commercial acceptance. Shards of electronica pierce a shimmering guitar line as shuffling drums drive the dynamic. But it is Davis voice than makes this stand apart from other pop prodigy’s. His soulful and gravely tones come as a welcome change (pun intended) from the chirping pop crooners that we currently are being presented with. Add to that a dual vocal that is grounded in the classical world and you have not only all the elements required of a current chart single but also enough innate quirkiness to appeal to the underground dance world as well. Effortlessly cool and brilliantly positioned just far enough off the beat to lead a whole new dance.

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