10547562_1539983959557145_7339828119712670730_nOn the first pass of LazyEye’s latest single Killer Ohh, I was thinking do we really need more of this. Swaggering indie pop, all fashionably dropped consonants and conversational lyricism? The second hearing made me think, okay, this is better than most of the competition even if it isn’t re-inventing the current musical wheel. One more listen and it was in my blood, it’s just so damn loveable. Any song that can make me move from jaded reviewer to adoring fan in three plays is a rare thing these days and through sheer infectiousness that is what it did.

 Hear Killer Ohh – LazyEye

I checked out Scott Powell’s other recordings as LazyEye and found an artist equally at home with incendiary Indie anthems as he is with reflective folk-tinged torch songs. But whichever genre or mood he is channelling he has the ability to write memorable tunes, a great contrast to the production line of forgettable music churning out identikit and throwaway dross these days. If there was such a thing as mainstream music for the discerning listener, or even self-confessed music snobs like myself, this is surely it.

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