While there is something slightly 60s-infused about this short, sharp, and shockingly good collection of songs that make up Ken Kase’s eponymous album, to leave things at that would be doing him a big disservice. We are in the realm of power-pop that mythical realm that blends all that is good about pop infectiousness and rock drive, and Kase balances melody and muscle to perfection.

Entitled, the opening sonic salvo alone, is enough to justify its purchase, a rich and textured song and lyrically lush, one part of which sounds like Roxette’s She’s Got The Look, which is an unexpected reference point, but it got stuck in my head for a reason.

Intriguing titles – Cambrian Explosion and Philosophy Machine – hint at an exciting and thought-provoking lyricist, the first a shimmering slice of psychedelic pop, the latter a song that sounds like Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook might have written…more the sort of reference point I was expecting to pop up rather than slick, 80’s euro-pop. And if you don’t appreciate the clever sonic layering, the on/off dynamic and the general loveliness of Quality Control, then perhaps music isn’t for you.

It was an unexpected and wonderfully rewarding slice of music to find in today’s work pile and the only one that caused me to write on my notepad, “Check out further!”

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