Ever wondered what would unfold if the sound of conscious, progressive soul artists like Curtis Mayfield or The Isley Brothers had linked up with a bunch of krautrock mavericks for a jam session just a stone’s throw from the Clifton Suspension Bridge? Well, wonder no more because Charlton Lane is back at it.

Always one to capture the spirit of anthemic, often rabble-rousing sounds, the kind that provided the very score to the American civil rights movement, and meld it with the pulsating energy of a Kosmische backbeat, Lane’s latest single, “Keep On Keeping On,” is the very embodiment of this union.

A straightforward yet captivating groove springs forth from a digital beat and a spacious bass line, a wonderfully repetitive riff, and lyrics that beckon you to join in, fists pumping high. It’s dance music, sure, but built from none of the usual genre trappings. It’s expansive and prickly, tight yet far-out, a riot of fun and infectious beats.

This track is but a teaser, a tantalizing glimpse of the full spread slated to hit the shelves next year via the esteemed Bristol label KMrecords. So, for now, at least, let it serve as a delectable appetizer to satisfy your sonic hunger. And trust me, why wouldn’t it?



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