JIVE JIVE – Corbin Canvas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

New music is formed less out of musical leaps of faith but more often by taking existing building blocks and fusing them together to form new sonic architecture. The former approach might occasionally result in something interesting and innovative but it will generally be flimsy and transient. The latter method, standing as it does on the shoulders of giants, is generally both robust and exciting. JIVE JIVE is a fantastic example of just such an approach.

Blending soul vibes, funky grooves and the dance floor contagion of house and hip-hop, and even throwing in a few of his own signature moves into the mix, Corbin Canvas has created something which is wonderfully familiar yet fantastically fresh. Something which immediately feels as if it has been in your record collection for ever but also which sounds like nothing that you have in your record collection. At least not yet.

Milk and Honey pulses with a futuristic soul sound, timeless rhythms blended with star-gazing electronica, Seasons is a slice of dream-state, chilled funk more swagger than swing, more grace than groove and Paps Records is a cutting edge and beguiling, clubland belter built on hypnotic repetitions.

If you think that soul music has run its course or that dance music has become homogenised to the point where true innovation has been lost, JIVE JIVE is just what you have been looking for.

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