Jet Plane – The Suncharms  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone who has been around since the early nineties has lived through a lot. And the echoes of all manner of indie, shoegazery, brit-pop and the whole Creation and 4AD era of truly independent music can be heard in this cool and sunny, sonic, slice. Theirs is an age old story really. Young musicians form, find modest success for a few years and inevitably retire to more regular lives, years later a record label shows interest in a compilation album and the band decide to give it a second crack. And as always they come back to things older and wiser but thankfully the music is still the vibrant stuff of their youth, the charming and chiming indie sound of a scene which splintered into shoe gaze and post-rock in one direction and, perhaps sadly, Brit-Pop in another.

But here they sit sounding like they should be supporting the likes of House of Love in some sweaty Camden backroom whilst Master McGee decides whether to sign them to his label or not. And whilst that might seem a long time ago now, musically they have been astute enough to move with the times. Jet Plane may have all the hallmarks of a song from back in the day, but it also chimes perfectly with today’s more mainstream indie sound too. Either The Suncharms are smart enough to surf the ever changing tides of fad or fashion or the timing is just lucky for their signature sound to make a comeback. One says a lot about the bands smarts, the other much about the state of music today. Not that it matters, whatever the truth the world  is a better place with this song in it.

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