photo-originalOur good friend, talented chap and all round good egg, Jake Martin is looking for help to fund his second album. Here is what it is all about in his own words

Hi Everybody!

After a year of touring as a solo artist and falling in love with this life it’s time for the next step! Its time to make another record! I want to make something truly special, I want to make the people who have put their faith in me over the last year proud! This record is also the release I plan to tour around the world! in March 2016 I am leaving my home and job here in the UK to to wander of into the sunset with my songs and my guitar! Australia and Europe tours are being booked as we speak and there is a load more in the pipeline!

This ones gonna be full band and HUGE! I will be mostly recording all the instruments myself with the exception of drums and violins.

The money raised here will go towards some of the recording fee, I am not asking for you guys to pay for my record, I think that would be ridiculous! I will be funding the rest of the money the old fashion way….PLAYING LIVE!

My heart and soul lives in these songs and on these stages! If you are reading this and you are many people who have helped get me this far then I thank you from the bottom of my heart! If we have not met and you have no idea who I am please feel free to check the links below and make your own opinions 🙂 Big love to you all!

And all the details can be found here  –

Please help and support the creation of original music in an ever more backward glancing world.



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